Analysis about the Reality of Mass Media on Media Social Construction Theory.
In view of the theory of social construction of reality is constructed by many factors due to the construction of social reality by the perceptions of individuals motivated by ideology, education, experience, age, gender, socio-cultural context that person is located. Reality does not occur naturally but is formed and the construction through externalization (adjustments with socio-cultural world as a human product), objectives (social interactions that occur in an institutionalized world inter-subjective) and internalization (the process by which an individual identifies himself into a social institution where he was). The substance of the theory of social construction of mass media is the rapid circulation of information and wide so that the social construction and distribution took place with very real quick. The construction process of social media is not running all of a sudden but through the stages that must be passed.
Burhan Bungin (2009: 209) divides into four stages, namely stages of setting up construction materials, distribution stage construction, stage construction and stage formation of confirmation. These stages can be explained as follows:
1) Phase prepare construction materials.
A preparatory stage of construction materials is the task of editors of the mass media in which the tasks are distributed on a desk editor. In the stage or the preparatory process of construction materials there are three important things, namely:
  • Mass media partisanship to capitalism. As is known, currently there are hardly any mass media that are not owned by capitalists. In a sense, the mass media used by the forces of capital to make the mass media as an engine of money creation and multiplication of capital. All elements of the mass media, including those who think the mass media to serve the capitalists; their ideology is to make the behavior of mass media in society.
  • Alignments apparent to the public. The form of this bias is empathy, sympathy, and a variety of participation to the community, but the ends are to "sell the news" and raise the ratings for the interests of capitalists.
  • Alignments to the public interest. Form of partisanship to the public interest in the real meaning is actually a vision of every mass medium, however, lately that vision never showed his true identity, even though the slogans of this vision remain sound.
2) Phase distribution of construction.
The distribution of the mass media construction is poured in the mass media strategy. Concrete concept of mass media distribution strategy of each is different, but the principle is real-time. Electronic media have real-time concept that is different from the print media. Because of its direct (live), it is a real-time by the electronic media is aired once, immediately reporting to the viewers or listeners. However, for a variant of the print media, which is a real-time consists of a few draft day, week, or month, such as daily, weekly, and monthly. Although print media have real-time concept of delayed, but the concept of actuality be a major consideration so that the reader feels on time get the news.
3) Construction Phase formation.
In the formation stage of construction is divided into two stages:
Phase formation of reality construction Establishment of construction in the community occurs through three stages First, the construction of the reality of justification as a form of mass media constructions that forms in communities that tend to justify what is (presented) in the mass media as a reality of truth. Secondly, the willingness of the construction by the mass media, namely the generic attitude of the first stage. That the choice of people to become readers and viewers of mass media is because the choice to be willing her thoughts is constructed by the mass media. Third, making the consumption of mass media as consumer choice, in which a person is a habit depends on the mass media. The mass media become part of life habits that cannot be released.
Phase formation of the image construction.
Formation of the image is to be achieved in the building construction process. His relationship with the media is divided into two models is good news or bad news. Stage confirmation Confirmation is a stage in which a mass media or the audience (reader) argues and determination of the choice to be involved in the formation stages of construction. This stage is for the media to function as an argument to use the reasons for the construction of social and audience (reader) is an explanation of why they engage in social construction.