Analog means ancient and modern digital means, analaog cheap, expensive digital or analog means unlike digital which is identical with the figures. That presumption of a layman about the analog and digital. For example on an analog clock using a needle and a digital clock using numbers. 

Analog and digital is actually more to the term in the storage and dissemination of data. Analog Data disseminated through elekromagnetik waves (radio waves) simultaneously, which is heavily influenced by factors "bullies". While the digital system is a form of sampling of the analog system. Digital data is basically in my code in binary form (or Hexa), which only consists of a combination of order 0 and 1 that will be easier to be distributed without an interruption. The value of a digital system is limited by the width / number of bits (the bandwidth).
In the analog signal to work with transmitting sound and images in the form of continuous wave (continuous varying behavior). For example when someone is communicating with using the phone, the sound is sent through the telephone network is passed through a wave. And when a wave is accepted, then the wave tersebutlah translated back into sound shape, so that the recipient can listen to what is delivered by other speakers of the communication.
An analog signal using electromagnetic waves. The process of sending voice, for example in telephone technology, is passed through these electromagnetic waves, which are variable and sustainable. One complete wave voltage starts from zero and then to the highest voltage and fell to the lowest voltage and back to zero voltage. The speed of this wave is called the hertz (Hz) measured in units of seconds.
For example, in one second, the wave is sent as many as 10, then called with 10 Hz. For example images on the television signal, or voice on the radio that are sent on an ongoing basis. Service by using this signal is rather slow and easy dibangingkan errors with the data in digital form. Analog wave is called a baud. Baud is the signal or analog electrical waves. The analog wave equals one baud.

The weakness of this system is not able to measure something with a pretty thorough. Because this is due to their ability to consistently continuously record changes that occur constantly, in every measurements made by these analog systems there is always a chance of doubts about the results achieved, in a system that requires precise coordination and accuracy of the figures true and correct, small errors due to counting errors will have a major impact in the outcome. This system needs an accurate precision and accuracy, one of the forms is our brain.
In the digital signal is called a bit. The digital signal has a unique set of privileges that cannot be found on analog technology, namely:
  1. Able to transmit information with the speed of light that can make the information can be sent at high speed.
  2. Use of repetitive to information does not affect the quality and quantity informationitself.
  3. Information can be easily processed and modified into various forms.
  4. Can process information in very large and sending it interactively.
The advantages of digital information is compressed and easy to transfer to other electronic media. The advantages are utilized optimally by Internet technology, such as putting it into a website or commonly referred to as uploading. Digital transmission system provides:
  1. Information transmission rate higher
  2. Displacement more information
  3. Economic improvement
  4. A lower error rate than analog systems
Examples are computers, computer processing of existing data is digitally, via electrical signals it receives or sends. In principle, the computer knows only two currents, namely on and off, or the terms of the numbers is often also known as 1 (one) or 0 (zero). The combination of flow on or off is able to create a computer to do many things, both in recognizing letters, pictures, sounds and even movies that are interesting that we will watch in a digital format.
The development of digital technology of computers can lead to positive impact of all the parties who could use it. Examples are to publish a book or article can be online. Sales of books or writings can be done via the Internet without going through such vendors in the market. Users can read the abstract of a book or article and a whole book in this bookstore.
Likewise with digital television, digital television is the new standard image and sound transmission to replace the existing analog system. In addition to superior quality picture / sound, digital television also promises tremendous savings in terms of broadcast signal bandwidth, frequency allocation limitations crisis will be lost so that more channels that can be offered to viewers.