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Winona Ryder

Date of Birth : October 29, 1971 (1971-10-29) (age 39), Winona Laura Horowitz, Minnesota, USA
Birth Name : Winona Laura Horowitz
Nickname : Noni
Height : 5' 3½" (1.61 m)


Winona Ryder- The artist Hollywood Winona Ryder pleaded not like to use the Internet. Despite having the iPad, Golden Globe Award winner has not used it. "I do not use the internet," says Winona Ryder when interviewed by Elle. "However, it seems everything you need to know to be there (the Internet)." Cast film The Age of Innocence in 1993 it claimed to have iPad tablet computer that is a gift from actor and director Ron Howard. However, she did not use it. Winona Ryder's best devices that currently use the BlackBerry. "I do have email on my Blackberry, that's it. I have not even read blogs, "she said again.
He continued, I felt the media had taken all the best feeling when watching a movie. For example, when Al Pacino makes a movie, then first you do not know anything about the film.
But now, you know everything up to the amount of revenue obtained by these actors. "I hate to see my picture and an article 'Does he deserve?' at the same time. Internet is really reaching for everything.