20th Century Fox : Jack Black back into action, after playing funny in School of Rock (2003) and Tropic Thunder (2008) with Robert Downey, Jr.. and Ben Stiller. This time through Gulliver's Travels stocky actor will be back entertaining with funny.

Rob Letterman that acts as a master film makes Gulliver's Travels into a spectacle of light and entertaining. Not required high concentrations to digest the film adaptation of Jonathan Swift's novel of the same title in 1726.

Cast: Jack Black, Emily Blunt, Jason Segel, Amanda Peet, Billy Connolly, Catherine Tate
Director: Rob Letterman
Writer: Joe Stillman, Nicholas Stoller

Story Summary / Synopsis:
Lemuel Gulliver worked as guards at the mailroom of a newspaper office in New York. After Gulliver lied about the task of writing about the secret of the Bermuda Triangle, she headed to the island that has never been found, Lilliput. In the new world, the Gulliver is a giant - both body size and egos - especially after he started to tell me higher, take credit for the discovery of the world's largest, and placing himself in the midst of the most historic event. Gulliver's position is enhanced further when he led his new friends in a brave battle against their old enemies. But when the Lilliputians Gulliver's lost it all and put in danger, he must find a way to repair the damage. Gulliver only become a true giant among men when he knows that nature how much you are in that important.

Genre: Comedy / Adventure
Producer: John Davis, Gregory Goodman, Ben Cooley, Jack Black
Production: 20th Century Fox
LSF Rating: Teen (teenage)
Length: 87