The term management, translation in the Indonesian language to date there is no uniformity. Furthermore, when we study the literature of management, then management will find that the term contains three terms, namely: 
  1. Management as a process.  
  2. Management as a collectivity of persons who perform management activities. 
  3. Management as an art and as a science. 

Understanding Management by James A.F. Stoner
Management is a process of planning, organizing, leadership, and controlling the efforts of member organizations and sumua use of existing resources in the organization to achieve organizational goals previously set.
Understanding Management According to Mary Parker Follett Management is an art, because to do a job through other people needed special skills.

The word management is taken from the english word is "manage" which means taking care of, manage, control, operate, lead.

 "Management is a process that consists of a series of activities, such as planning, organizing, and controlling / monitoring, conducted to determine and achieve those objectives through the utilization of human and other resources"

Management functions
Management generally carry out their management responsibilities by performing four basic functions, namely:
1. Planning,
2. Organizing,
3. Direction and give effect (directing / influencing),
4. Supervision (controlling).

Planning activities include setting goals (objectives) of an organization and preparation of plans and strategies that will be used to achieve certain goals. So planning is the selection of a set of activities and decide what to do, when, how, and by whom by considering the conditions at the time will come, so clear in put and out put to be achieved in targeted organizational goals or the target. For example, the vision and mission as a target.
Defining the vision as the ability to view or idea about what we will pour in a thought and will be something like what's supposed to. Thus the vision is the goal or expectation for the realization of a state or an ideal situation in the future. So did the mission in the grammar has two basic understanding of the purpose and objectives and important work to be done. Thus the mission has the purpose or meaning as a goal to be achieved through a series of actions or work to be done in writing within the specified period.